Testimonials and Feedback

Jaclyn is very easy going and enthusiastic which comes through in her presentation. She takes time to answers your questions and gives you the feeling you can actually use this in your classrooms easier than you previously thought.

-Ernie, Derry, NH (Gr 9-12)

Jaclyn helped me think beyond using images only for vocabulary comprehension with my English Learners. I look forward to unpacking some of the deeper applications of images such as generating discussions and synthesizing learning.

– Mark, Manchester, NH

I worked with Jaclyn closely for many years when she was a classroom teacher. She is creative, talented, inspiring, and passionate about education. She knows how to see the whole child within the context of the whole class and respond appropriately. She is insightful and is a visionary in her application of educational principals, curriculum and technology.

-Jessica, Special Education Case Manager and Behavior Specialist

I had the opportunity to work Co-Teach with Jaclyn during many integrated lesson throughout her classroom career. Jaclyn’s enthusiasm for teaching and positive energy is infectious. She understood that her students were a diverse group and learned in many different ways. Jaclyn incorporated technology and the arts in her units with ease, making each lesson a fun journey. She understands the demands of teaching and continues to research and find innovative ways for each student to reach their potential.

-Stacy, Art Teacher, New Hampshire

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